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 VAFCO moves corporate headquarters to a new facility in order to better serve you.

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  When you apply for an auto loan, bringing appropriate documents can help you get approved for your loan quickly.

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Welcome to VAFCO!

   We're dedicated to making sure that every automotive purchaser receives the credit they're due. Through our unique Brighter Credit Future program, we evaluate each applicant on a broad range of non-traditional criteria - not just credit score or income - because people aren't just numbers to us. Since we look beyond the ordinary, we can help dealers match their customers with quality vehicles, and we can help those customers build or restore their credit.


  At VAFCO, we understand that credit can be more than a little confusing. Don't worry - we're here to help put you back on the right track to a "brighter credit future".


  Credit score basics

  Credit score facts

  Improving your credit score

  Preventing credit fraud

  Life events and credit

  Correct a mixed credit report

  10 credit myths

  Every penny counts